Are the San Francisco Giants a Dynasty in the Making?

The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions once again.

Think about that. The Giants franchise had not won a World Series since coming to the Bay Area from New York City in 1958 and not since 1954 when they swept the 111-win Cleveland Indians (Does a catch by a certain Say-Hey Kid ring a bell?)

Now they’ve won two in the past three seasons, the first in 2010 in Arlington, Texas which broke a 56 year drought, and now in 2012 after sweeping the Detroit Tigers.

They did much like how they dismantled the Rangers two years, outstanding starting pitching, clutch hitting, solid defense, and of course, and an outstanding, shutdown bullpen.

However, this time they did in different fashion, with different heroes, particularly NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro, Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong, and World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval.

Other players who came up big were Matt Cain, who continued to make up a stellar postseason resume, probable NL MVP Buster Posey, and Tim Lincecum, who played a big role in relief in the postseason after having a horrible regular season in his usual starting role.

The Giants overcame a 2-0 deficit in the Division Series by winning all three games in Cincinnati to knock of the Reds. They overcame a 3-1 deficit in the NLCS against the defending champion Cardinals and outscored them 20-1 to advanced to the World Series to crush Detroit.

Do not think that they are done after this one. They are certainly built for the now and the future, with stars such as probably Posey, Sandoval, ace Matt Cain, and many other young potential stars like Brandon Belt.

The Giants are the first team to win at least two titles in about a three or more year span since the 1996-2000 New York Yankees, the last great dynasty of Major League Baseball.

Is it too early to use the D word at this point? Maybe, but the Giants have been the only team since the Yanks to have the potential to win as many championships. They’ve already won two in the last three, much like how the Yankees did in 1996 and 1998. The Giants will look to try to repeat next year, something not done since the Yankees from 98 to 2000.

Of course, as we have seen the MLB Postseason is quite the crapshoot, and the NL is loaded with talented teams, the Cardinals, Nationals, Braves, Dodgers, Reds, and some other potential foes. But it seems that the Giants are the best of all of them, and they may prove it yet again in the next few years.

Repeating will surely be difficult, but as long as they can pitch the way they have the last several years and get clutch hits in the biggest moments as they have, they certainly have a shot.

Also importantly, manager Bruce Bochy now has a chance to work on a Hall of Fame resume, with two World Series championships in San Francisco after previously guiding his San Diego Padres to the NL Pennant in 1998.

The Giants have plenty to look forward to next year. Closer Brian Wilson will return sometime next year to make the bullpen even stronger. Lincecum, who came up big as a reliever, could either make a successful transition back to the rotation or continue to find a new home as a reliever. Cain is locked up for several years, and Posey, Sandoval, and Belt look to carry this offense for years to come.


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