NFL Picks: Week Thirteen

Last Week: 8-5-1

On the Season: 99-76-1

Thursday’s Games: Had @DET over GB, @DAL over OAK, and @BAL over PIT. All won

1:00PM Games

@ Cleveland over Jacksonville (CLE by 7, UNDER)

@ Indianapolis over Tennessee (IND by 4, OVER)

Chicago over @ Minnesota (MIN by 1)

@ NY Jets over Miami (NYJ by 2)

Arizona over @ Philadelphia (PHI by 3)

@ Carolina over Tampa Bay (CAR by 7, OVER)

New England over @ Houston (NE by 7, OVER)

Later Games:

Atlanta over @ Buffalo (BUF by 4, UPSET) [Game in Toronto]

St. Louis over @ San Francisco (SF by 8, UPSET)

Denver over @ Kansas City (DEN by 6, OVER)

@ San Diego over Cincinnati (SD by 1)

NY Giants over @ Washington (WSH by 1)

@ Seattle over New Orleans (SEA by 5, UNDER)


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